Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Paris Hilton returns to Ibiza this summer

Paris Hilton said in an interview to be like her have to work hard. And it seems to be true. Because the hotel empire heiress has spent two months in Ibiza ... without resting. Paris was the resident DJ at the legendary Amnesia and such was its success that the music room has applied to work for the next summer.

Paris enlivened the evening with a party called "Foam and diamonds", always under the watchful eye of her Spanish boyfriend, River Viiperi, who is also of Ibiza. Hilton was excited for his work as a DJ because also confessed to ABC, he was excited to work on the land where her boyfriend.

Before knowing the success that Paris would harvest, Amnesia director admitted to being "nervous" because I knew how the public would react. However, the queues have crowded nightclub during the entire stay of the blonde. Although it is unclear how much money would have amounted to the heir to commit to play in 2014, what is a fact is that the U.S. has shown that falls short of many professional Dj.

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