Friday, August 16, 2013

Paris Hilton: Bikini in Ibiza - Photos

Paris Hilton decided to relax in the sunshine of the Balearic Islands where the socialite has a residency in Ibiza.

The 32-year neyorquina celebrity style and glamor exuded on the beaches of Formentera, the Mediterranean island belonging to Spain, where he chose to wear a bathing suit trikini or three pieces in black and point-like tissue.

Her swimsuit curves highlighted blonde and perfectly defines media a body that Hilton has exercised to keep fit and toned.

Even judging by their stylish and long legs, and usually breaks at the beach, it seems to have abandoned his training this summer.

The outfit of Paris also did not forget his indispensable huge dark sunglasses, knowing that your photos are of the most coveted and therefore do not hesitate to show the best of herself to the paparazzi who wait on the shore before embarking with his friends.

Paris has a holiday home in Ibiza, so it is common to see exclusive parties enjoying the island.

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