Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Paris Hilton's boyfriend wants to be an actor

Paris Hilton's boyfriend River Viiperi model seems to have shown a special interest in another facet: the interpretation.

Thus, the attractive Spanish took questions from his followers on Twitter to share their willingness to move the world of fashion of the complicated film industry.

"Yes, I'm quite sure I will," he replied flatly River to the question posed by one of his followers, who wanted to know if he had considered a niche in the world of acting.

If this statement comes true, River would join the dynamics followed by his compatriots and colleagues Andres Velencoso who debuted as an actor in 'End' and Jon Kortajarena, who participated in 'A Single Man', who recently revealed their willingness to focus your career to that particular industry. It could have been the proximity to the brilliant Hollywood film industry currently resides in the beautiful mansion millionaire has about Film Mecca which could have prompted his desire to become a movie star. But despite its proximity to so elitist world, River maintains his characteristic humility like his shyness when he piropean.

"I'm not famous," he replied sheepishly.

This desire for access to the hard world of acting might be the reason that the Spanish made ​​partaker recently his legion of fans complicated moment that was going through, a challenge we had to face and which called for the support of their diehard fans.

"Pursuing your dreams is not easy, sometimes you have to climb walls that you'd never imagined climbing. And I just met with a big one. Wish me luck," reads the message previously published dummy in his Wall social network.

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