Saturday, June 15, 2013

New Photos from "The Canyons" Lindsay Lohan tape

The Canyons, is the Paul Schrader film starring Lindsay Lohan and porn actor James Deen. With script writer Bret Easton Ellis and funded in part by a crowfunding campaign, the film continues to rivers of ink now known to tread the red carpet at the Venice Festival, where Schrader also will act as chairman of jury of the Horizons section.

Much has been said, indeed, but hardly any statements of his artistic team. Far. And is that Paul Schrader, the director, has given an interview to The Playlist on giving his view of much controversy. Especially the media noise generated, Schrader says the following: "If I'm honest, is something that we have created ourselves. We provoke that frame, simply choosing to Lindsay and James for the film. [...] And Lindsay brings to itself, its drama, and Bret, has hands too quick to tweet, and you can always cause controversy with a tweet. So we cooked ourselves all the controversy. "

However, Schrader is very happy with the end result. "I feel very fortunate. I look back and see a film in which a lot of things could have gone wrong, and it was not. [...] James is great. Lindsay is great.'ve Made a film with $ 90,000 our pockets. you look great. IFC has paid a lot for it and we are already taking advantage.'ve been lucky.'s as if to a casino and put all of your money on red and you won. "

The Canyons will be released worldwide on August 2 in New York, and that day will come to the U.S. VOD platforms. In Europe, can be seen in the upcoming Venice Film Festival. Keep you informed.

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