Friday, June 7, 2013

Account boyfriend Paris Hilton was hacked

River Viiperi had to open a new Twitter account after seeing hers was blocked by a hacker.

"It is sad to have to hack the lives of others to feel that you have a" wrote the model in the brand new social network profile.

Quickly, his legion of fans attacked the user who usurped the identity of River.

"Too bad you have hacked your Twitter account! Must have been some orc who lives in a basement rotten wanting to have a life," wrote one of his fans.

"This is crazy, grossly unfair. Someone has got to stop this person. It seems ridiculous," declared another follower.

Others encourage their fans preferred the model, who is not the first time they try to destroy your virtual profile.

"River, I'm sorry. Hopefully it is fixed soon! Envy This shows that people have of your fame. Courage!" Said another of his admirers.

However, River chose to ignore what happened and not give more importance to the matter, probably because it is at the moment enjoying a few days in Hawaii with his partner, the billionaire Paris Hilton, who will there present his clothing line Honey Bunch.

Thus, the two lovers, walking along the beach remembering a fun time on the idyllic island witnessed.

"River Viiperi romantic ride along the beach in Honolulu.'ve Seen a man looking for treasures in the sand," wrote the beautiful heiress with a video where you can see the individual with a tracker metal.

The Ibiza model took the opportunity to again demonstrate his love for Paris, and premiering his new profile with popular messages of love are exchanged frequently through the social network.

"I've already found [my treasure], Paris Hilton", tweeted the lover model.

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