Wednesday, March 13, 2013

JLo wants wants to educate their children as Paris Hilton

Jennifer Lopez is willing to invest $ 33,000 in the next school year for each of their five children, who first attend a college in the fall. Specifically, the artist wants his young Max and Emme studying in private school Buckley, famous for hosting a long list of celebrities, from Kim Kardashian to the Hilton heiresses and Matthew Perry and Paris Jackson, the daughter of the late Michael Jackson, who continues in the popular school in Los Angeles.

However, having the large sum of money is not enough for Max and Emme have secured a place in the school. Therefore, the American artist is deploying all their weapons to convince the prestigious school staff to accept their children, with whom he went on Tuesday to a tough interview.

"Jennifer was the one who had to go through the interview, like other parents, so it was showy and stylish clothes to impress. Many parents very famous and very rich try to enter their children in Buckley", published on website TMZ.

Despite the difficulties, Jennifer Lopez has been taken as a challenge that their children receive the best education possible, since they are his greatest triumph and their top priority, as recalled recently on Twitter for his fifth birthday, where he said the "joy and true love "means you have them in your life. They also found the strength to carry out his successful career, but due to its careful not to dwell so much of herself.
"My children have always been my top priority and that's what gives you that extra strength you need to move on. When you have around you, you know that nothing can make you sink completely because you keep all your energy intact to care for them. Once you are asleep, you can relax and focus on yourself, even for pity and suffer a little. But the next morning you have to get back to normal and take the attitude that everything is OK " he explained.

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