Friday, February 8, 2013

Paris Hilton teaches Jorge Javier Vazquez pose

The real star of the screen was nothing more and nothing less than the world star Paris Hilton. Taking advantage esaba in Spain for the parade in Barcelona in which participated the boy, River Viiperi, last week, was passed through 'qeu One thing I want to say'.

Although many on Twitter, where I do not take even five minutes to become 'trending topic' ensure that the 'celeb' was like an octopus in a garage, it is certain that he knew graceful exit and had time to teach the presenter of space Jorge Javier Vazquez, to pose in a 'photocall'. And she knows that for a while.

Nor did he hesitate to talk about their relationship with the Ibizan who pulls a handful of years. She loves to the bone: when speaking of good Viiperi will face lights up. Told details of his childhood and of course, like all celebrities who come to the set of Jorge Javier, gave a surprise.

His mission was to give a message of encouragement to a friend who idolizes the famous photographer of the Madrid night soirees sea cucumber.

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