Monday, January 7, 2013

Missy Elliott wants to work with Britney Spears

Britney Spears prepares his new album for producers and composers collaborate with her Rif. And, for a long playback, lithium has been boring in 'X Factor', Britney Spears knows how to make a record.

The last to join the bandwagon is the very Missy Elliott, who is living his own comeback with joy. In his personal Twitter account, the rapper has responded to a few fans that have been linked to Britney (musically, of course) and has responded in the most positive and humble as possible: with a "it's up to Britney. If you ask me do. "The world, as might be expected, has faltered at one of the most legendary collaborations of pop and hip hop, especially when you consider that both are already a veteran on his own, and his last and only just shook collaboration VMA hip in 2003 because of Madonna.

We know that when Britney Spears entered the studio, all popstars tremble, because if something is good pop princess is heard before a good topic. Cross your fingers that we are facing a 'Blackout 2.0' as promised and if it is half as good as the classic 2007 and we can be happy.

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