Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lindsay Lohan has her last chance

Lindsay Lohan has her last chance to reinvent and re-style Robert Downey Jr., to the point that his return is almost impossible. The Canyons seems to be his last chance. And the sad thing is that it appears that the next will go through you.

Paul Schrader, the screenwriter of such classics as Raging Bull and Taxi driver-turned-manager failed, and Bret Easton Ellis, American Psycho writer dedicated to writing movies now without success, together created The Canyons, an erotic thriller that should be carried out almost no funding for them and that would also last Hollywood ticket on the train. Schrader thought Lohan as their star, a way to put a face known to his film and help her out of the well. Lindsay agreed, and for a time the idea seemed far-fetched, but potentially good. Until one article and a trailer with danger began to bring a match to gasoline that surrounded the film since the beginning.

A long and excellent profile of New York Times gave first idea of ​​what might be expected of draft Schrader. "This is what happens when you hire Lindsay Lohan for your film" is the title of the note, and in it is the chronicle of a death foretold. The inability to control the filmmakers Lohan, their drinking, their disappearance, their cries, their clashes with the other protagonist, a porn star named James Deen. In particular, it highlights the episode in a sequence filmed Schrader Lindsay naked because he refused to shoot scenes without clothes that had been stipulated in the contract especially.

But even so the film could work. Great classics have been hell on the set (Apocalypse Now! Is a typical example). I had to get a promo clip of The Canyons to start removing the diminished hope. The lines get a bit of grace, the story does not make much sense and is outrageously violent, musicalización is bad (Lohan not find your cell: suspense music) and planes pretty ugly. What little can be Lohan's performance is not bad, but the insistence of always being asked too much makeup that the Times had reported he plays against and annoying.

Nobody wants to see Lohan back crashed against a wall. His is a story that gives it. A girl who could have it all, but lost it in the hands of a tough childhood that marked deep. Perhaps the entire movie surprised everyone movie. But it seems so, and it is sad.

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