Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Paris Hilton visited an orphanage in Bombay

Paris Hilton and her boyfriend went to Spanish majestic Hindu temple Siddhivinayak. There they received the blessing of the deity Shri Ganesh and ended deeply moved at the inspiration that transmitted the place.

"We went to a Hindu temple to receive the blessing of the god Ganesh. It was amazing to be in a special place, inspiration and spirituality. I feel blessed, "published in Paris his Twitter account, to which her ​​boyfriend said the same terms. "It was spectacular and confirmed my love for Indian culture. Too bad we have to leave to pack to return to New York this morning, "wrote the dummy.

The transcendental religious visit took place a few hours after the Paris visit an orphanage and donate large amounts of gifts for children residing there. The great reception with which he was received in small thrilled the popular television personality, who claimed to see the smiling faces of children involved the best of rewards.

"I just got out of the orphanage to which I donated all the toys I bought in Bombay. The kids have loved all the presents, and I'm excited to see their smiling faces full of happiness. I have received with great affection, which for me is a great gift, "he shared with his followers.

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