Saturday, December 29, 2012

Lindsay Lohan if you pay your taxes

Lindsay Lohan will use the $ 100,000 that Charlie Sheen will donate.

So, with information on website TMZ, Lohan is not the $ 100,000 spent on vodka and partying, instead spent that money to pay their taxes as mate wanted Scary Movie 5.

Documents prove that Lilo used the check to cover the full year 2009 paid $ 93,701 dollars. And the remainder ($ 6,299), used it to pay part of what should be in 2010, amount from $ 140,203 dollars, and lacks only $ 133,904!

Although sources say that the actress must also in 2011, these ensure that Lohan will do everything possible to get out of the red, and his strength and will focus on pay as soon as possible.

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