Saturday, November 3, 2012

Lindsay Lohan seeks publicist

Lindsay Lohan publicist looking for his last team has left for the unbearable. By all accounts, represent a risk because it's all for not escaping, is uncontrollable and does and goes where he pleases without telling anyone. Also remember that, even then, the worst is not it, is his mother and family in general. We know how they are spent Dina Lohan, who likes more drinking than Sue Ellen. They claim that LiLo has no interest in taking care of your own brand and also you can not take care of juicy projects and put an example: "with the movie of Elizabeth Taylor could do many things, but it takes care of Lifetime". Not only that, when they try to advertise products with a minimum of dignity, she goes and "advertises a brand of alcoholic beverages."

That said, if you want to work for Lindsay, call her, yes, it will cost him his career straighten yours because she herself wants.

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