Monday, October 31, 2011

Paris Hilton sexy on Hallowen

Paris Hilton takes every year to get sexy and hot as you can on this night of terror, this 2011 has not disappointed. Dressed in a flowing white dress and inspiring, breathtaking display more than one, Paris became 'She Ra', the goddess of power based on the fiction series created by Mattel.

Her younger sister Nicky Hilton opted for the animal world. With black leggings and a bodysuit with matching leopard ears, the youngest of the Hilton, very sexy and provocative, Paris wanted to accompany this special day.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Britney Spears nominated for the MTV EMA 2001

Britney Spears has been nominated for the MTV Europe Music Awards 2011 in the new category 'Worldwide Act' in which will represent North America. On this occasion, the princess of pop Restart compete with the Brazilian group, Lena Europe, Asia Pacific Bigbang and Abdelfattah Grini representing Africa, India and Middle East.

Importantly, the regional winner of this category will get the coveted prize, thanks to public voting until November 4th can choose their preferred official website of MTV EMA 2011.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Polish cops sacked for protecting Paris Hilton

Three police commandos will lose their posts in an elite anti-terrorist unit for serving as bodyguards for Paris Hilton during a recent visit to Poland.

"If the policemen who protected Hilton do not leave on their own by the end of the week, they will be disciplinarily fired," Dariusz Biel, the head of the regional police where the three serve, was quoted as saying this week.

Members of the anti-terrorist unit usually conceal their faces and must seek permission for any outside work.
The three commandos, who appeared in various photos on gossip sites with the blond hotel heiress, were also said to have carried their police weapons when they served as Hilton's bodyguards during her appearance at an opening of a shopping mall in Katowice, in southern Poland.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Lindsay Lohan appears nude in Playboy for a million dollars

Lindsay Lohan returns. Not too many contracts on demand and personal and legal problems, do not forget who is serving a sentence of community work in a morgue in Los Angeles, becomes one of the most problematic beautiful Hollywood has finally decided to cash posing nude for Playboy magazine and has become a 'bunny' more. Responsible for making the announcement to the world before the incessant rumors have been his mother who has confessed everything went "fine."

 Moreover, this nude is very strong, as published by TMZ, Lindsay's anatomy displayed in full, without hiding anything, including the genitals.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Britney Spears pays tribute to fans who died

Britney Spears expressed his condolences on Tuesday (October 25) to the family of a fan who died after attending a concert on Monday in Dublin, Ireland.

 Siobhan Healy, 31, was having fun on a ride called Tip Top outside the O2 arena where the concert took place when he was thrown to the ground and died instantly. According to the Daily Mail, Siobahn had attended a concert of Britney a few moments before.

Britney wrote on her Twitter account Tuesday, "I was saddened to learn of the tragic accident in Dublin. My heart goes out to the family. - Britney"

A family friend told the newspaper that the accident has devastated residents Siobahn hometown, Willsborough. Michael McGreal said, "The community is very shocked. I know his family very well, we're all very upset."

Has begun an investigation into what caused the accident, some speculate that the recent severe weather that affected much of Ireland might have been a contributing factor.
 Kenneth McFadden, the owner of the company that runs the Tip Top ride, also expressed his condolences. He said, "We can not say what happened, everything happened so fast. We are shattered at the moment, we are devastated."

McFadden also told the Daily Mail has been the attraction for almost five years and never experienced problems with it.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Paris Hilton found her Halloween costume

Paris Hilton has been photographed while in the store "trashy" in West Hollywood (California).
Apparently, model and actress would be choosing your costume for Halloween.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lindsay Lohan fires her manager

Lindsay Lohan decided to fire his manager Lou Taylor because they think that their finances were not being maintained as it should.

LiLo broken business relationships with Lou, who is also Britney Spears as a client because she says she could not spend all the time and attention they need because it works from Tennessee, reports
However, Lindsay's representative, Steve Honig, said the rift between the two was "friendly" and are "still friends."

For now, Lohan is serving his sentence cleaning a morgue for 16 hours a week. This review will continue until his parole on 2 November.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Youtube Britney Spears wins

 Britney Spears has come to make a billion hits on its official YouTube channel: BritneySpearsVevo, and wanted to celebrate with all his fans through Twitter.

According to the statements made by the famous microblogging, Britney Spears has said excitedly, "Wow ... a BILLION hits in @ Vevo? I can not believe it, I love you so much.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Britney Spears goes to GODOF

Britney Spears would be reduced? We don’t know, but when today’s Groupon deal landed in our email inbox, we were aghast.

Fifty one percent off tickets to see her at the 02? FIFTY ONE PERCENT? WTF? We’d sell our granny to see Britney live. We even paid a ridiculous amount to see her at the 02 for the Circus tour - we love her that much. Oh and according to Groupon, she's doing two 'surprise songs'. Whatever that means.
What’s going on then? Has anyone bought any tickets? Shame on you if you haven’t. But we're refusing to say Britney's past it. She is QUEEN.

We can go one better than discount tickets to see Britney and MEET the lady herself – all you need to do is enter our competition.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Paris Hilton buys lingerie in Europe

Capitalizing on its way to Europe, Paris Hilton could not resist and spend some of their savings millionaires an afternoon of shopping in Paris. The blonde heiress swept his visit to the city of love, which did not leave without visiting shop. But above all, the American funsió crédicto card in your underwear. And, after being photographed without her bra, leaving her nipple in the air, it seems that Paris has decided to make amends.

Dressed informally, to go comfortably from one facility to another, with black leggings, flat boots and gray sweatshirt with a picture of a tiger, Paris Hilton took all afternoon. In fact, it was night when the heiress ended his afternoon shopping. Nevertheless, Paris did not hesitate to continue to carry your sunglasses, complement, appears to be central to it at any time of day.

After passing through Ukraine, where he became the muse of designer Andre Tan to get on the catwalk with some of their models, Paris Hilton continues with the introduction of its latest collections, among which are his shoes and bags that do not if not increase their already bulging bank account.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Lindsay Lohan will work in a morgue

Lindsay Lohan will have to spend 120 hours sweeping the floor of the building where the bodies are stored as part of the sentence for stealing a necklace of $ 2,500 (1,805 euros) in January. Before starting work at the Red Cross, Lindsay was expelled from the Women's Center in Los Angeles who was offering his service to the community.

The actress of 25 years had to complete 380 hours of community work in the center as part of their punishment, but after the performance "very impressive", left the program after completing only 60 of the required hours in total.

As he wrote the officer in charge of Lindsay's probation, the problematic actress had problems in the women's center because it "failed". Lindsay will appear before the Judge Sautner on Wednesday, where he faces 18 months in prison after skipping several of the requirements of his probation.

Despite having been expelled from two community service projects, it seems that Lindsay is "very focused" to complete his punishment. "Lindsay served his community service at the Red Cross every day for the past week, and has spent most of the weekend attending therapy and required course for thieves. It is very focused on the obligations ordered by the court "he said earlier this week its representative, Steve Honig.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Britney Spears introduces her new video "Criminal"

Britney Spears introduced her new video "Criminal". The history of the music video for 'Criminal' is simple: Britney Spears gets out of a glamorous party with Jason Trawick, who rescues her from the arms of an arrogant and abusive boyfriend.

The flight soon became a romance that raises the temperature of the video. The sex scenes between Britney Spears and her boyfriend assaults alternate with the couple stars, turned into two real criminals.
While Britney sings 'Mom, I'm in love with a criminal', the police found the couple, were cornered in their lair and shoot all the bullets from their rifles. The happy ending of this story is to see it.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Paris Hilton muse Ukrainian designer Andre Tan

 Paris Hilton walked the catwalk for the designer Andre Ukrainian in Kiev So, it seems that in some parts of the world still take it into account.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lindsay Lohan could go to prison

Lindsay Lohan is involved in many cases, so it is difficult to estimate how long it would spend in prison. However, based on the 120-day suspended sentence for stealing from a store, the time spent under house arrest and many times drove drunk, we can say that, upon return to prison, she would spend a long time there.

The star would have to confront the judge. Lohan's legal status could be complicated because this did not go 9 times the Downtown Women's Center, where you have to do community service. Also, the star must meet with a psychiatrist once a week, an issue that the court also ordered that the girl would not have met, despite stating that he had multiple telephone counseling sessions.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Britney Spears shows images of the video "Criminal"

Britney Spears has started to generate huge expectation back to project images with scenes from the video clip.
Jason Trawick was also part of the shooting as "partner in crime 'singer's' Toxic'. Together they will share a passionate kiss, while Britney Spears looks glamorous at a party in another image.

In recent weeks, 'Criminal' was widely criticized because the pop star used a firearm in the video, if only it were a prop.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Britney Spears on tour Femme Fatale trailer - Video

Britney Spears, has given a special preview of his expected tour of concerts 'Femme Fatale'. In just a minute to appreciate the great show that gave the singer and the behind the scenes of the same.

With great emotion, Britney Spears made ​​the announcement of the publication of the trailer via his Twitter: 'I just saw a snippet of the concert will be in Femme Fatale @ EpixHD on 12 November. Do you see me? '.
The concert September 1st concert in the city of Toronto. The special advance premiere on November 12 as reported by Britney Spears.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

David Guetta refuses to be recorded with Paris Hilton

David Guetta, said he is working on the new album of the model Paris Hilton.
The renowned DJ and producer has collaborated with many famous artists such as Kelly Rowland, Fergie and Akon. But it was speculated that the musician was working with the second production model study of the controversial Paris Hilton, however Guetta says the rumors are unfounded.

"That is absolutely false," David told Australian radio. "She came several times to my parties. I'm famous in Ibiza and I think she loves the holidays. I know it is working on a musical idea and maybe we took some pictures at my party and it became a rumor, but it is not true, "he said.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Lindsay Lohan with new car

Lindsay Lohan acquired a Porsche Panamera model, the amount of $ 100,000.
She bought the car on his last visit to Europe, the cost of sports was $ 80 000 but because a few quirks of the young man climbed a few accessories added extras.

All have wondered where he got the money for such acquisition, if it has not been working lately, because their accounts were frozen by court order for the alleged theft of a necklace, it now appears they are already moving again.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Britney Spears shows the world cellulite

An educational program has the support of the British Government uses images of Britney Spears in a bikini and compare the "before and after" the use of digital retouching to show students between 10 and 11 years that perfection does not exist and that the images many celebrities are digitally altered.

In one photo, Spears is seen in a bathing suit with a perfectly contoured body, thin and smooth, while in the other, we see the "real" Britney, with some cellulite, but equally beautiful.
Paul Jackson, director of Media Smart, the organization that launched this initiative, says that seeing these pictures, the kids become more aware of what they see.

"We must explain that the photos in the media are not necessarily reality. We try to make them see the kids anxious not to seeing images of perfection, "he said.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Paris Hilton enjoys Ibiza nightclub

Paris Hilton short hair not to be photographed, and always seems to be witnesses of his sprees.
The last demonstration was in the nightclub Pacha Ibiza in a party hosted by David Guetta, christened with the name 'Fuck Me I'm Famous'. In it, Paris proved to be unleashed and excited about the bash, and never ceased to take pictures, fan in hand, with one and other.

Presumably, the morning-after hangover was Morrocotudo for Hilton, which is still fodder for the tabloids.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lindsay Lohan in Trouble

Lindsay Lohan is $ 90,000 to a company that rented him a luxury limousine to transport during February and May 2009. Indeed the sum of U.S. $ 34 billion, but due to the interest for delay in the hit, the number tripled.

Despite this demand, Lohan bought a sports car for $ 80,000 last week. However, for months, says actress is facing a serious economic crisis because, due to scandals and his arrest, did not make films in recent times. His fame and not because of his talent, but his controversial behavior, something that kept her from working in Hollywood.

Meanwhile, Lohan expressed her desire to return to the big screen, after being under house arrest for a month.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Britney Spears: Her new remixes B In The Mix Vol 2

Britney Spera is the height of his career, with 67 million albums sold worldwide is held key positions in prestigious music charts like Billboard.

Success, moreover, he is sitting nicely on the singer who, after a season with a few extra pounds, is returning to its dramatic form. Recently it has been able to see very relaxed and happy, enjoying the streets of Paris, the city where you are filing Femme Fatal as part of their world tour.

B remixes including In The Mix Vol 2 are:
Gimme More (Kaskade Club Mix)
Piece Of Me (Tiesto Club Mix)
Radar (Tonal Club Remix)
Womanizer (Benny Benassi Extended)
Circus (Linus Loves Remix)
If U Seek Amy (U-Tern Remix)
3 (Manhattan Clique Club Remix)
Till The World Ends (Alex Suarez Club Remix)
I Want to Go (Gareth Emery Remix)
Criminal (Extended Remix Varsity Team)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Paris Hilton lost luggage

Paris Hilton has taken aim at airline chiefs after her luggage was lost while returning here.
The reality TV star recently visited Europe and India and was returning back Oct 4
"Just landed back in LA! What an incredible trip! Loved spending time with my girls and visiting India Turkey & Ibiza! So much fun! So annoying when the airlines lose your luggage. Especially when it's 8 big suitcases of all my favourite outfits. Hope they find them," the 30-year-old posted on micro-blogging site Twitter.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Britney Spears walks on the streets of Fracia - Photos

Britney Spears, is in France, where he will have a presentation, but was walking through the streets of Paris and nobody recognized.

Britney Spears was accompanied by her boyfriend Jason Trawick and his sons Sean Preston and Jayden James. The singer looked exhausted during their walk.

It is said that fatigue is due to Britney Spears singing dual work and care for their young children. Britney Spears is in Europe in the middle of his tour of countries in that continent.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Lindsay Lohan shows her underwear

Lindsay Lohan once again captured the attention of flashes, after attending the debut of Kanye West as a designer in the fashion week in Paris.

The Disney Channel exestrella surprised with a very short white dress, deep-neckline and sleeveless; that showed red marks on their snow-white arms.

But this time the interest of the paparazzi was not Lohan's interest in fashion and easy to irritate his character, but a colorful underwear that could not cover.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Britney Spears introduced his son on stage

Britney Spears, is in full European tour with her two children, so they took one of his concerts to introduce their offspring more, Sean Preston.

The singer said that her two children have a future in show business as well to imitate the dancers and has no stage fright, which is why she decided to present to 6 years old Sean Preston to the final salute presentation in Budapest, Hungary.

While initially was shy, with a microphone in hand and surrounded by the rest of the cast, the little Sean reacted after his mother told him: "Stand." After breaking the ice, mother and son took over the stage and were greeted by warm applause from the audience.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Marley enjoy with Paris Hilton in Ibiza

Telefe Marley driver told he was in Ibiza with socialite Paris Hilton, an avowed fan of the island in the Mediterranean Sea as part of the Autonomous Community of the Balearic Islands.

"Last night David Guetta party. I spent with Paris Hilton, great fun. ... So something hollow between the two we produced an echo ..." Marley wrote in his personal account, which also raised some photos from this trip not only tour will take you to Spain, but also the Amalfi Coast.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lindsay Lohan at Fashion Week in Paris

Lindsay Lohan enjoyed the parade debut of rapper Kanye West at the Fashion Week in Paris. With her sisters were also Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Before the parade, Kanye admitted to being nervous to show his designs and said he did not want to know her only as a "famous designer".

"I have so much fear and I'm so nervous. I hope that tonight may end with the topic of 'famous designer.' It's the biggest obstacle to overcome if you want the best work for you."
Despite all this, his show did not receive the critical support and many defined their creations as boring and dull.

"For next season, Kanye should hire a tailor to their costumes fit well. The models were swimming in some of their creations," New York Times published.
Other parades have taken place in the fashion week in Paris have been those of John Galliano, Givenchy and Kenzo.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Britney Spears looking beggar to give him his records

Britney Spears looks a beggar who asks for help to get his records.
Through his account on Twitter and Facebook, the star posted a picture of the homeless man who carries a sign with the following message: "I need to get the new Britney Spears record. Anything can help. God bless you."

Spears wrote: "If anyone can find this guy, tell him I have a package with my entire catalog with your name on it. Britney ".

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Britney Spears will not apologize for gun in his video

Britney Spears became the center of criticism for carrying a firearm (props) as part of the recordings of their new music video for 'Criminal' in which she and her boyfriend escape after assaulting a bank.
Before the wave of negative comments by residents and politicians about the use of firearms, Britney Spears' representatives spoke to point out that the singer will not apologize for the content of the shoot.
'The video is a fantasy story with Britney's boyfriend, Jason Trawick, which literally plays with the lyrics of a song written three years before the riots happened, "he explained.

However, it was not there for the protest group, which said: 'In this case, we agree that the replica is used in the Stoke Newington Town Hall and a lot of disappointment. We will bring this matter to the producer.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Paris Hilton dollars divided streets of India

Paris Hilton stopped the car he was traveling to give a $ 100 ticket to a woman who was carrying a child. As if this were not enough, later in his trip, did the same with others, giving a total of 2mil dollars.
The most famous heiress United States was plunged by the extreme poverty of the area in which it was and decided to rule over everything he had.

"India is beautiful, but some parts are hard hit by poverty. It broke my heart to see babies who sleep in the streets, "confessed the model also.