Friday, October 23, 2009

Britney Spears - The Best Picture " Great shape"

britneyAccording to The New York Post, Britney Spears is now living a healthy life. She is in great shape these days and her energy level has improved. She has worked really hard and was very sweet to all the dancers. Though, the pop star is fond of Cheetos and Frappuccinos now she is munching on sushi instead of junk food. Hopefully, she still gets to enjoy little Frappuccinos dipped Cheetos once in a time.

Recently, court records show that a lawsuit between Britney Spears and a photographer whose foot she had hurt by accident have settled. In May, Ricardo Mendoza had filed a case against the pop singer blaming her for violent attack and negligently driving her car when she ran over his foot in Beverly Hills in October 2007.

The Court records filed in Los Angeles show that a settlement notice has been filed on Monday. It did not disclose the terms of the agreement. The incident occurred during a period when Spears was disturbed in life as hours earlier she had lost the custody of her two sons. Now Britney has the No.1 song from her single “3’’ on the Billboard’s charts and has since been granted the official visit to her children.

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Britney Spears - New “3″ Song is Controversy on New Album

Britney Spears seems poised to shed her recent share of troubles during her 2009 comeback that continues with The Singles Collection, a greatest hits album set for a November 24 release. The collection begins with her 1999 debut Baby One More Time, and extends to cuts from her latest album Circus.

The album, which impressively hits the high notes of her career, includes the song “3.” This song has garnered some controversy due to its supposed allusion to a menage a trois.

Spears has been an easy media target for some years now; nobody remains the fastest gun in town forever. The sooner you go uphill, the faster you tumble downhill – and in her case, this has included a turbulent marriage, custody battles, rehab and religion-hopping. But, is the worst history?

One way Spears has tried to reverse her public image is through plastic surgery. For years, she has been rumor fodder about breast augmentation, namely implants. Recently, however, she has been rumored as having undergone breast reduction surgery. Pictures indicate she went through with it.

“At the moment I hate them. I want them smaller,” The Daily Star quoted her as saying before she began her 2009 Circus tour. “I’m tempted to have a breast reduction so I can slink into some amazing stage outfits for my next set of shows. I know they look sexy, but sometimes they get in the way.” quoted plastic surgeon Sherrell Aston as saying he feels Spears gave in to her temptation.

“The most recent photographs of Britney Spears show something unexpected; she has a smaller chest,” Aston said. “The only way that Ms. Spears would have been able to achieve this look would be with the help of a surgeon. My estimation is that she had her breast implants removed, and I think she looks great with this more natural size.”

Spears would likely agree with him, and she may be undergoing a series of changes that will finally lift her up on top another hill.

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