Monday, February 23, 2009

Britney Spears & Susan Lucci Test Bikini Theory

A recent study claims that women in tiny little swimsuits with lots of skin are a big turn on to men. No kidding. They call it bikini brain but most gals could think of a better label. Let's test that theory with two recent stunners that stripped out of their clothes to show off their wares in a bikini. Britney Spears used to have no trouble coming out of her clothes and strutting her stuff and recently showed off some very tight abs as she worked on a routine. All My Children soap actress Susan Lucci was also spotted in St. Bart's showing off at 62 years old.britney-spears-bikiniThe Examiner reports, "The 62-year-old actress soaked up the Caribbean sun as she showed off her tiny yet fit physique." Entertainment Wise of the UK notes that Britney is now so confident of her new hard body (Is she using Jennifer Aniston as a trainer?) that she is doing rehearsals wearing next to nothing.

The item notes, "Britney Spears is so confident with her newly-banging body that she's been rehearsing for her upcoming Circus tour in a string bikini." In Touch has more and adds that Indian choreographer Rujuta said, "Britney is totally fit and her body is back in shape."
Source: the nationalledger
Britney Spears Video in bikini and more pics :

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Britney Spears in bikini by the pool - Pictures and video

britney-in-bikiniBritney Spears is back to being the most attractive girl in the world, now with a new album that is increasingly successful, has also resumed his career as a successful singer, Britney has the support of all who were always with her, now I share some pictures of Britney in a blue bikini enjoying the pool. Click on photos to enlarge.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Britney Says She's a 'Super Sexy' Housewife in New Video

Britney Spears sent her fans a Valentine's Tweet.

She wrote on Twitter that she plays a "super sexy" 50s housewife in her new music video for the controversial single "If You Seek Amy." (Why is it controversial? Say the title really fast, and you'll figure it out.)

"The 'If You Seek Amy' shoot was super sexy and really fun!," the pop star gushed (which is generally the tone in which she communicates). "I can't wait for you all to see it. Love Britney."

The singer reportedly dons a short blonde wig, a fitted pink top and a white skirt in the clip, a source told Showbuzz.
Source: Foxnews

Britney Spears - Circus Live:

Britney Spears in sexy bikini on a beach - Pictures and Video

britney-spears-bikiniBritney Spears is here again, Now I will share some pictures of the princess of pop caught by some paparazzi in a beautiful beach wearing a sexy bikini, Britney Spears began their tour now almost no longer have time to go to the beach, anyway we keep one eye on, we will be outstanding for any news and pictures of britney, for now enjoy this collection of photos. Enjoy it
Britney Spears Video - All pics in Bikini :