Thursday, September 18, 2014

Britney Spears celebrated birthday of your children

Britney Spears celebrated the birthday of his sons Jayden and Sean, skating and to record it submitted a photo, whose caption read: "Happy Birthday to my two little babies.

They are growing too fast ". Senior, Sean served nine years on September 14, while Jayden made ​​days before August 2.

The celebration was also attended by her ex-husband and father of two sons Kevin Federline who posed in front of the table of goodies skate with a helmet and a skateboard.

It seems that the singer has already recovered from his relationship with his ex, but do not seem to have made their subsequent relationship with Lucado as the singer has released his new single 'annoce' dedicated to his former partner, after it will deceive after 17 months together. In addition, he made statements during a show in Las Vegas: "The best of your boyfriend is that fool you again have a first date, my God, a first date."

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Found cocaine in Paris Hilton property

Paris Hilton is always in the eye of the storm and now the 400 kilos of cocaine that police found on his property.

According to the information published several means, the Hilton family has a ranch in Nicaragua where the Aug. 24, police found those 400 kilos of cocaine, and although no one knows what happened and investigations began.

As indicated, three people were arrested in the ownership of the Hilton, which are supposedly family employees and may have been responsible for caring for the large shipment.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Lindsay Lohan used hypnosis to quit smoking

Lindsay Lohan has decided to enlist the help of hypnosis in order to strengthen your willpower to overcome the dreaded withdrawal.

"Lindsay knows that all eyes will be on it. Worried that cravings's address on stage and you want to avoid at all costs. Some people do not believe in the power of hypnosis, or believe it is simply to balance a clock in front of someone's face, but Lindsay is willing to try anything just to get it, "said a source. Nicotine is not the only substance with which the actress has had problems in the past, because in 2013 he confessed to Oprah Winfrey American popular have been addicted to cocaine.

 So immersed in a process of personal transformation to bring order to your life, Lindsay is unwilling to allow any kind of addiction ruin such a momentous to her as her debut in the West End night. "I'll be very nervous on opening day. Under so much pressure all can go right or it may be terrible. Average No," noted the New York Times last June.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Britney Spears admits that Zoe Saldana is expecting twins

Britney Spears, confessed that his great friends Zoe Saldana, who shared the screen in the youth film 'Crossroads' expected twins.

"Who knows if we'll make a sequel? He's a very good idea. But now Zoe is pregnant with twins. So I'm convinced it faces a busy future," said the pop star.

When challenged to release in motherhood twice, Britney has not hesitated to offer advice to Zoe based on his own experience as a mother of Sean Preston (8) and Jayden James (7), recommending that you take the things calmly to avoid being hooked in from the situation.

"You're never prepared for such a thing.'ve No idea what you're getting into," said the singer.

The truth is that both the interpreter and Britney have managed to maintain the bond that was forged between the two years ago, thanks largely to the kindness that the singer showed toward Zoe at the time, although it was already considered a star level world.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Britney Spears boyfriend was unfaithful with porn star

Britney Spears would have been deceived by boyfriend David Lucado conv Pornstar Cali Lee.

Latin porn star who has developed in the adult entertainment industry since 2009 has become almost classic films like "Itty Bitty Boobies" and "Fresh Outta High School 14".

This adult film actress actually even filmed scenes with actor Ron Jeremy legencdario.

According to information disclosed by the website TMZ David and Cali they would have met in a bar near the house of Britney Spears.

As recalled, Britney would have ended the relationship when her boyfriend David Lucado was recorded kissing Cali in August.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Lindsay Lohan accused of stealing app idea

Lindsay Lohan is accused of stealing, a web developer, ideas and resources to create a similar application, which sell various items of celebrities.

According to TMZ, she and her brother Michael had a business with a called Fima Potik to work on his 'startup' called "Spotted Friend", which allowed users to see what the celebrities had clothes in his closet and gave them the opportunity to buy; addition to the famous benefits received.

For some reason, the group split and Lohan began to raise money to create a similar application, so the developer is threatening to take legal action. The actress has made no comment, but his lawyer said Potik has just introduced this threat to exploit her fame.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Paris Hilton looks like "wren" - Photo

Paris Hilton shares a picture to his thousands of followers on his Instagram profile which poses unclothed back as a sexy mouse.

 Paris published a black and white photo in which he appears naked, with only a mouse mask and boots that cover your calves. Hilton signed this photo with a wink emoticon and put it as your profile picture on Instagram.

The heiress is just one of the celebrities who like to show off your curves in the social network. The Daily Mail recently criticized the figure also a singer, he called extremely thin or past Photoshop.