Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Paris Hilton feels a bond with Albert Einstein

Paris Hilton said in a recent speech in which he said also feel a link with Albert Einstein.

Paris is a firm believer in astrology and talked about his sign, Aquarius, as a kind of link with the German physicist, although this was Pisces. "We are social butterflies, humanitarian, geniuses: Einstein was one," he said.

A Hilton does not care if people make fun, because he used to mourn with the reviews and now just laughs. In addition, during the passage of the years has learned to take his life only people looking for his fame.

On his famous sex tape said: "It was devastating because it was someone who had been years (Rick Salomon) I do not think I be able to fully trust a man after that was the most painful and most horrible moment that someone can do.. a girl. was very young, it was not my mistake. "

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Lindsay Lohan wins controversial prize in Italy

Lindsay Lohan won the award for "Best Comeback of the Year" at the Ischia Film Festival (Italy). The American press has not been limited to comment on this article but has peppered with derogatory comments about the actress as well as many doses of irony and humor.

The award reflects their participation in Speed ​​the Plow, David Mamet, who plays in the West End from 24 September. The actress said, "Thanks for being so amazing and for being my friends and also have fulfilled my dream of working with a director I always wanted to work."

"Thanks for having me here five years ago was in Capri with Pasquale and he and I know everything that has happened since. Really appreciate it. Thank you very much. I'm lucky to devote to this and to be in a situation that allows me to delve into other aspects of my life. I give my life to this profession. Thanks again and God bless you.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Britney Spears announces her lingerie line

Britney Spears announced the launch of her new lingerie collection called "The Intimate Collection"

"Just a preview of what's to come," said the Princess of Pop through their social networks, including a new image of the advertising campaign.

According to the official site of the collection, the official launch of "The Intimate Collection" will be held next September and will be available for U.S., Canada and Europe.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Britney Spears gives $ 100 tip on a restaurant

Britney Spears and her boyfriend David Lucado, had left a well-known Los Angeles restaurant without paying the appropriate account. An anecdotal episode that was solely due to a confusion between the artist and one of his employees, who now has charge of resolving the issue through a gesture of solidarity courtesy of the pop princess.

 As published news portal TMZ, shortly before ending their romantic dinner, Britney asked one of his bodyguards to take care of paying the $ 30 that was it valued its simple two-course meal, but this ended up forgetting the request for his famous boss and everybody left the establishment without fulfilling his part of the transaction. The star presented a check of $ 130 from the restaurant. After realizing their mistake and feel "fatal" for what happened, the music star did not hesitate to issue a check for $ 130 for to be delivered directly to the waitress who took them, a high amount to be understood as a subtle way of asking for forgiveness and that, how could it be otherwise compelled the said bodyguard has to return to practice messenger so amend its previous judgment.

After his peace with said restaurant and herself, Britney Spears extrovert may continue cultivating the idyllic relationship with his current partner and continue planning an exciting future that probably will see them both walk down the aisle and to begin preparations for their first child together.

 "Britney can not do anything right now because it is subject to a contract requiring him to appear every week in the setting of a casino in Las Vegas, but at least is using their scarce free time to be organized in the near future.'s crazy and it is clear that David is going to marry him, but would also like to be a mother again, "an informant claimed to Us Weekly.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Lindsay Lohan in bikini and selfie

Lindsay Lohan surprised fans with this selfie in bikini. Lindsay Lohan undoubtedly enjoying your vacation in Italy.

The actress put on her best sexy bikini and shared a photo that shows her cleavage in a position that favors the viewing angle of your followers.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Paris Hilton increases its fleet of cars

Paris Hilton surprises with a new acquisition. She herself has said in his Instagram: "I love my new toy." Or, what is the same: 'I love my new toy'. And there is neither a teddy bear or a doll with your face ... Paris Hilton has bought a very showy hybrid. This is the famous Can-Am Spyder motorcycles Canadian origin, mingle aerodynamics of motorcycles and comfort of the car.

The American engineer Gary Robinson and former motocross world champion Jeff Smith created the brand in 1973, achieving success within tracks and commercial level. It was not until 2007 when Can-Am it began manufacturing the tri wheel Spyder. Although this is not a bike that is commonly seen on the road, there are many celebrities who have signed up to fashion hybrid 'roadsters' than a genuine community of freaks have resulted. Well, having seen several 'celebrities' take a (Billy Ray Cyrus), is now the turn of the multifaceted Paris Hilton.

The heiress was seen as one of these bikes (in yellow to make matters worse) and even climbed a video to social networks in which he showed his expertise with this type of vehicle. But as for Paris 'never enough' we have seen, last Saturday, in one of the busiest streets of Hollywood with the new version of this vehicle not only in one color but two. One in red and one in white, two new Sypder that bind to the yellow and black that we had already shown above.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Britney Spears wants to abate hiking

Britney Spears and her tendency to overweight has led him to follow a healthy diet and

Now more than ever are required to wear a flawless figure, because contracts with the hotelcasino Planet Hollywood Las Vegas, where it acts this year and next (goes over fifteen years of career in show Piece of me) in exchange for 22 million euros.

The singer must be fit to endure 90 minutes of the show, so it was not surprising that the photographer would capture hiking.