Saturday, December 20, 2014

Lindsay Lohan wants to stay in London

Lindsay Lohan plans to move his residence to London. "Here I go running by myself. I do it every morning, quite early, and I think about how my friends in New York will still be partying at that time. I needed to mature and London is better than any other place to achieve it" says the actress told The Observer.

"I will not return to live in Los Angeles, or joke. My friends told me a bunch of f ** k every time they come to see me not even want to hear. I do not even know who she is married or who are pregnant. When you put television are there all gossip. I have not heard me mention on TV since I got here. that was weird for me and also wonderful, "he concludes.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Paris Hilton and her cleavage

Paris Hilton pike a neckline of stroke. The famous plan to make an express trip (return home for Christmas) to the City of Love.

The reason? His career as a DJ is going well and when it comes to work (and a job like that), Paris never misses appointments but, this time, be accompanied. Whose? Well, nothing more and nothing less than the artist Love Generation.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Britney Spears parody of "Blank Space" by Taylor Swift

Britney Spears has shared on his Twitter account a funny parody of the success of Taylor Swift, Blank Space, but related moms.

"This one goes out to all the moms out there ... and all the Starbucks lovers;)" wrote "pop princess".

The video takes up with Blank Space, the final single from Taylor Swift and parodies in relation to what all mothers "have to suffer" with their little day to day.

Britney Spears parody of "Blank Space" Taylor Swift - Video

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

River Viiperi spoke of Paris Hilton

River Viiperi, spoke of his former partner Paris Hilton after strong rumors celebrity ensure that you had been unfaithful after photos of her kissing another boy on the beach were published. "We had already done with our relationship before these photographs to be published," says Young.

Viiperi, however, still keeps a memory of what is already his ex-girlfriend. "While treated well, I'm fine," he says. "Now I will focus on my career, one of the reasons why we left." The model went this week to Marie Claire Prix held at the Cines Callao, gala at which he went alone and no woman at his side.

"I'll take everything from the beginning to the end. No regret anything," he says. Regarding the possibility of returning to resume their relationship, the model is clear and concise: "No second chances What is old is old.".

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Lindsay Lohan sing on disc Duran Duran

Lindsay Lohan sing in the album Duran Duran, as confirmed by a photo that the US itself has posted on his Instagram account with Simon Le Bon and Nick Rhodes.

This image will leave memories for posterity Lindsay's visit to the studio of the British band also accompanied by her sister Ali. "Recording with large" Lindsay wrote with the snapshot.

The two sisters were in the studio about seven hours to ensure that the recording was good enough. Lindsay contributes recited, while her sister Ali is responsible for singing the same song.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Britney Spears boyfriend does not "want" children

Britney Spears has a boyfriend named Charlie Ebersol, 31, and a source says that they will end before Christmas.

One reason is that Charlie does not like children and the singer has two children plus you do not want to give up of their lifestyle of partying.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Britney Spears boyfriend designed his birthday cake

Britney Spears turned 33 years old and her boyfriend gave her a cake designed by himself.

"Charlie has been a customer for a lifetime of Duff's Cakemix (pastry) and wanted to design something special for her. Every detail has been thought by him, has taken its sweet side," said a source close to the new sweetheart Britney.

Spears was really surprised by the nice touch of cake, because through your social network Instagram, Brit shared a picture of her blowing out the candles on delicious dessert ".! Could not have had a better birthday Hello 33", published .